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Struggling to sell your products on amazon?

Amazon is a nightmare and a blessing all rolled into one.  They control over 50% of online sales but to compete for those sales can seem like a nightmare.

That is where Welch Products can help with over 5 years of experience selling on Amazon.  We have tamed the beast for others and will do the same for you, for free.

Enforcing map

When selling your brand(s) it is our policy to follow all MAP guidelines and work with you to ensure others do as well.

We work to ensure your pricing is maintained so your brand is not diluted, decreasing profit margins online and at brick and mortar stores.

Building Your Brand

We do not want to just sell products we want to work with brands we love and brands we want to help succeed.

If we decide to work with you we will help build your brand and maintain your brand image online.

Your product will be sold on third party platforms such as Amazon or Wal-Mart by someone, its up to you if you want to work with someone who cares about building your brand instead of just selling your products.

Increasing Sales

E-Commerce is unlike any other platform when it comes to selling your products. If your listings are not optimized you are losing sales.

Do a search on Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay or other platform for the most common term your customer would search for to find your product. I am willing to bet many of the products you see you may not have heard of before.

The reason is because these are products built to sell on these platforms, their listings are highly optimized.

Shouldn't your products be highly optimized and selling as good as possible online?

Maximizing Your Sales

Selling online can be difficult, unless your products are optimized properly they will not be selling as much as they should. Welch Products buys product at wholesale and specializes in reselling them on third party platforms such as Amazon.

We do not want to just sell your product, we want to help you improve your brand while selling more product. 

Online Shopping on Amazon Maximizing Ecommerce Sales

about us

Welch Products was founded by Todd Welch in January 2015. Todd got started in e-commerce when he was fourteen, way back in 1995, building a website called Besteen which was a platform for teenagers to chat, play games, etc. Since then Todd has received two associates and one bachelor’s degrees in computer programming and computer networking, built a computer retail business, TC-TEKS Computers, with multiple retail stores, and worked as an Information Technology Manager.

Todd’s passion though is e-commerce which is why he started Welch Products. At Welch Products it is our mission to help small  brands build their brands and sell more on online. Third party platforms can be very difficult to sell well on and while other companies will charge you hundreds of dollars per hour to optimize your listings Welch Products does that for free simply as a benefit for allowing us to sell your products on the largest sales platform(s) the world has ever known.

Welch Products believes number one in integrity and doing what we say we will do. When you allow us to sell your products we will work with you like team members to build your brand image online and maximize sales and profit for everyone involved.

Many brands are worried about selling on Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay and others because they believe it will undercut their brick and mortar stores. The fact is your products will be sold on these platforms by someone and it is up to you if you want to control that sales process as much as possible or not. Welch Products will work with you to show you the best tactics to keep prices where you want them and enforce MAP pricing.  It really is in your best interest to work with a company who knows e-commerce platforms and can ensure your brand image is maintained and your pricing is not diluted.

We look forward to working with you, click here now to contact us about building your brand on third party platforms.

Todd Welch at Welch Products Selling On Amazon

Lets talk about maximizing your brand on amazon

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